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This site is dedicated to the Smith Enterprise, Inc. Crazy Horse™® Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) and Other Smith Enterprise military rifles.

Field reports from Iraq are coming in and the 2nd Infantry Division REALLY REALLY loves their Crazy Horse® rifles. The reports are that the Crazy Horse® rifle has over 500 confirmed kills in-theater. The U.S, Navy SEALS are also using their Mk14 ModO to great effect with nearly 300 confirmed kills.

Here is the new M21A5/C-IED rifle shown with the PVS22 Universal Night Sight

NEW Old Stock: Smith Enterprise M14 rifle


Please note that all rifles that I list are very special and highly accurate rifles. These are hand build to the exact same specification as the military rifles using only the finest USGI components. (If you have any questions concerning what was done to these Crazy Horse® rifles, please check the specification sheet.)

If you are concerned about the price, it may be useful to compare these rifles with the White Feather rifle made by Springfield Armory, Inc. These rifles generally sell for approximately $5000. The Crazy Horse® rifle does not have any commercial cast components and is equipped with the Leupold scope which the military specifies. These scopes cost at least $1000, with some models being more.

Moreover, unless otherwise noted, the Crazy Horse® rifles all use the LRB forged receiver. These receivers are generally accepted as being the best commercial receiver available today. The only better receiver available is the Smith Enterprise receiver and those are extremely difficult to find. When you compare all the features, you will quickly see that the Crazy Hors® rifle is not only the best M14 rifle available today, but represents great value.

If you are looking for a cheap rifle, please keep surfing. If you are looking for the finest M14 type rifle in the world, you are at the right place. Welcome home.

The Crazy Horse® rifle is based on the US Army M14 rifle system. In military terminology it is a "Crazy Horse® Squad Designated Marksman (SDM)." The rifle is engineered from the ground up for precision marksmanship and includes those features commonly associated with precision rifles, and some not so commonly found. The Crazy Horse™ rifle is deployed in Iraq with the US Army.

Smith Enterprise, Inc. builds the Crazy Horse® SDM and other weapons for use by the US Military in the War on Terrorism. We are extremely proud of the three different rifle systems built by Smith Enterprise: The Crazy Horse® the Mk14, Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle (USN and USAF), and the M14K. As you can imagine, the availability of these rifles in the civilian sector is limited.


The Crazy Horse® concept for military applications was first explored in 2003 by Smith Enterprise in conjunction with (Picatinny Arsenal and the Army Infantry School,) The original concept was to develop a semi-automatic precision rifle which employed used the 7.62X51 cartridge. The rifle was to be capable of 1 MOA or better. The 7.62 round is a proven caliber for precision rifle applications and is readily available. There exists plentiful supplies of the M118LR ammunition in inventories and this round is approved for military operations under the laws of armed conflict under the Geneva Convention. Finally, a plentiful reserve of rifles suited for this use (the M14) exists.

The M14 is an ideal platform for converting into a semi automatic sniper rifle. The design is robust and battle reliable. It has a long history of performing accurately in match conditions. The cartridge used is inherently accurate, and the trigger is capable of being tuned to provide crisp and clean let-off.

The M14 platform has a long history as a precision rifle, starting with the M14 NM rifle and continuing through the M21 and M25 rifles. The execution of the optimal design has sometimes been less than satisfactory. Much of the dissatisfaction with accurized M14 rifles has been due to the fact that there are no standardized procedures used in this accurizing process. For example, everyone agrees that unitizing the gas cylinder is a worthwhile improvement. But, various armourers unitize the gas cylinder differently. Some shim it, others weld it, and still others .... The same goes for the trigger (staking of the spring), hand guard (to epoxy or not to epoxy, that is the question), and other parts of the rifle. Click here for a detailed history of the M14 Rifle.

What is a Crazy Horse® Rifle?

The Crazy Horse® rifle is based on a US Rifle M14, 7.62MM. Every step of making a Crazy Horse® is deigned to make an accurate rifle which is reliable under military field conditions. Receivers are specially hardened and then marked: Smith Enterprise, Inc. and Crazy Horse® Rifle. The barrel is specially made and has a 1:10 twist to stabilize the 175 grain bullet used in the M118LR round. The chamber is hand cut using chamber reamers specially designed for the M118LR. Smith Enterprise, Inc. is the only civilian rifle builder who uses M118LR reamers.The gas system is unitized and hardened. The gas piston is hard chromed to tolerances guaranteed to ensure a precision fit within the hardened gas cylinder. The primary sighting technology is an optical sight. Back up sights are USGI rear sights with a Smith Enterprise original gas lock front sight design combining a post inside a hooded front sight. This is placed on the gas lock and not at the muzzle. The reason for this is that in military configurations, the rifle is fitted with a specially designed Direct Connect™ suppressor which connects directly to the Vortex® flash hider. This suppressor connects quickly and precisely to the flash hider. In fact, range tests have shown that rifle accuracy is improved significantly with the silencer in place. Point of impact is changes slightly, but groups average 1/2 MOA. The trigger is specially tuned to 4 1/2 pounds. The recoil and hammer springs are replaced with specially engineered springs. The stock is fiberglass and selected to ensure proper fit and durability in military field applications. The sling is extra heavy leather 1907 style and marked with the Crazy Horse designations. Optical sights are mounted to the receiver using a Smith Enterprise, Inc. base and rings. Here you may see some variation in ring height and scope selection. All rifles are fitted with Leupold scopes. The precise scope fitted depends on what the unit orders.

For more photos of the Crazy Horse® built for the 2nd Infantry Division Crazy Horse® Rifles. For photos of hte 101st Airborne's Crazy Horse® Rifles during build, click here.

To read the Smith Enterprise Crazy Horse® Specification Sheet.

The Legend of Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse was a Lakota Sioux Indian who rode with Sitting Bull. In the end, Crazy Horse was lured to Ft. Robinson, Nebraska for peace talks. He was betrayed and bayoneted. Click here for more information about Crazy Horse.

Why Crazy Horse?

The reason Crazy Horse was adopted as the designation for this rifle was to pay respect to this Indian warrior, the only chief who never surrendered.

What are the differences between a civilian Crazy Horse® and and military Crazy Horse®?

The only difference between the civilian and military rifles is the select fire capability. Military rifles are made using USGI military receivers which have the select fire lug on the receiver. While this is blocked to permit semi-automatic fire only, it is still classified as a machinegun. The civilian rifles are made using a receiver made by LRB. A very limited number of rifles are made using a Smith Enterprise receiver. It is worth noting that none of these rifles have rear lugs because when built on the Crazy Horse® fiberglass stock, a rear lug is not necessary.

Mk 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle (USN and USAF)

This rifle is built according to US Naval Surface Warfare specifications. Smith enterprise is Sole Source Justified" for these rifles. This rifle utilizes all of the precision equipment of the Army version, but is equipped with the Sage International stock. Currently the Navy and the Air Force PJ use this rifle. For more about this rifle. Click here for more on the Mk14 ModO


This rifle is the stuff of legend. It uses Crazy Horse® technology coupled with a short barrel and optimized gas system. Barrel length can be as short at 13 1/2 inches. The barrel is then unitized with a muzzle brake which renders the overall barrel length at slightly over 16 inches. The gas system was originally designed by Smith Enterprise using the gas system from the M60 general purpose machinegun. Early models were built by Smith Enterprise and LaFrance industries. Click here for more about the M14K

How do I get one?

Crazy Horse® rifles are available to the civilian sector on a very limited first-come-first-served basis. I occasionally have one from my personal collection available. Due to military obligations, Cmith Enterprise, Inc. has ceases taking any civilian guns in formmodification.If you want to purchase a Vortex® suppressor with the Direct Connect® TM for your Crazy Horse® rifle, they are available separately. The cost is $1000 plus taxes and transfer fees. Click here for more information about the suppressor. Click here for a video of the suppressor in action.

What you get.

Crazy Horse® rifles are equipped exactly as if built for the US Government. In the event you live in occupied territory where liberty does not exist(California, Illinois, Mass, New Jersey, etc) and which do not permit standard capacity magazines, flash hiders, bayonet lugs, or silencers, you may still be able to purchase a Crazy Horse® rifle. This rifle does have a Vortex® flash hider, however, that flash hider can be replaced by a Smith enterprise muzzle break which is extremely effective and legal in many of the occupied territories

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